Media Transfer

We have completed more than 200 projects since 2018.
We will transfer or digitize audio or video, analog or digital media. You can either drop off the originals to our studio in San Leandro or mail them and we’ll mail them back afterwards. Please let us know if you have any questions or other requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to place order?

Select the number of tapes you want to get digitized through ‘quantity.’ For those who preferred getting transferred tapes onto your Storage Device: You are responsible for providing a device for us. You may use your own USB Thumbdrive, SD card or External Hard Disk, and ship it along with your tapes.

Where do we ship our tapes? Will my tape returned?

ORDERING: We RECOMMEND you to send us a message first to confirm your interest of getting your old tapes digitized. After receiving your orders, we’ll send you our shipping information (mailing address). Please understand due to online spamming that tend to purchase our services and requesting for cancellation at the same time.

SHIPPING: We also recommend you to provide tracking numbers in order for both parties to monitor when the tapes will have arrived. You are responsible for shipping your tapes to us.

TAPE RETURN: We do return your tapes but you’ll be charged for shipping fees. However, if you don’t need your tapes back, please proceed to our TAPE to DIGITAL Specials for more details:

How long does it take?

Orders of less than 10 tapes normally take two weeks or less from the time tapes are received and shipped back in less than a week. It may take a bit longer when the shop is busy. Please take note that Etsy has the order due for completion. Our listings will always give you a deadline date for completion.

Before placing your order, please be sure to prepare all the tapes to be shipped before making orders to avoid delays. For bulk orders, it may take more than two weeks unless we contact you about a problem related to the condition of your tapes. We recommend you to reach out to us first before purchasing.

Can you enhance the tape condition and quality?

Please inspect your tapes to make sure they are not packed with dust, dirt or mold, we cannot process these damaged tapes as it may cause problems for our equipment.

The videos will be in MP4 640×480 (4:3 aspect ratio) file format. We cannot transfer your videos onto HD or 4K quality, You really have to be realistic about your expectations as these old media formats were never designed to be blown up on a huge TV screen. The quality of your digitized videos will be as good as the original tapes. That’s why it is recommendable to #ImmortalizeYourMemories before they fade away.

Check out our 5-star reviews, these people from different parts of the country were very happy to see their immortalized memories. Go see for yourself.

What if my tapes are blank?

You can send another tape as a replacement. Here at Haribon, we have to take time to scan the entire tape to ensure if it’s really empty, and we offer great deals here and there are no refunds and/or discounts for blank tapes, regardless if the tape is full or not.

How do digital download works?

We upload your videos on Google Drive, and the access link will be good for 1 MONTH to download your videos. Digital download is more convenient to share your videos with your loved ones and friends.

I'm worried about my tapes getting damaged during in-transit. What should I do?

Wrap your tapes or place them in safety plastic baggies or any kind of protection to avoid getting loose or damaged during in-transit.

Why don't you create DVDs?

In order for you to watch your DVD, you need a DVD player or a DVD drive on a computer to watch, they are becoming limited in our time. In the future, they’ll have to reconvert DVD to MP4 format.

DVDs were a game-changer in the ’90s. We encourage everyone to be forward-thinking.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations can be requested as long as we haven’t sent our shipping information (mailing address) to you. Please be sure that you’ve decided to get your tapes digitized. Any orders placed but not shipped to us within 30 days are NOT REFUNDABLE, but this will be served as an order credit.

If the rates have increased at that time of credit use, you’ll be responsible for the differences. We’ll do everything in our power to reach out to you but PLEASE help us to avoid this by sending your tapes off at a later time. If you won’t make it on-time, please don’t hesitate to message us and we’d glad to assist you.

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